Real Live Croquet Rules
As Defined by Geoff, Wayne and Vicki
Course Layout

  1. Starting the Game:
    1. Start at the Starting stake (which is also the Ending stake). Betty Boop is
      holding it and there's a sign with the number 1 on it close by.
    2. Take turns going in order of color, as specified on the Color Chart.
    3. Proceed through the two starting Wickets, going through the wicket
      closest to the starting stake first. Go through both wickets heading
      away from the stake. Do this in one shot if you can.
    4. Follow the numbered signs to get to each wicket in order.
  2. Extra Shots - You get extra shots for the following:
    1. Going through a wicket. You get one extra shot for this.
    2. Hitting the Starting/Ending or Turning stake. You also get one extra shot for this.
    3. Hitting the course DOG. You get one extra shot for this as well.
      • NOTE: If a player deliberately hits the dog, disqualification will ensue.
    4. Hitting another player's Ball. This gets you a choice:
      1. Take one shot from where your ball stopped.
      2. Take two shots from a mallet-head away from the ball you hit.
      3. Send the other player's ball, then take one shot from where your ball is.
  3. Extra Shot Limit
    1. You can't save up more than two (2) extra shots.
  4. The Turning Stake - The halfway point:
    1. When you reach the turning stake (at the other end of the course, also held by Betty), go through the two wickets heading toward the stake, then hit the stake,
      then go back through the wickets the opposite way.
  5. Two-Way Wickets - Follow the signs:
    1. You must pass through some middle wickets twice: once each way.
      These will have two number signs by them.
  6. Winning The Game - There are three (3) ways to win the game:
    1. Pass through all required wickets and hit the Ending Stake.
    2. Pass through all required wickets, avoid the stake (becoming poison) and hit
      all other balls on the course, disqualifying them.
    3. Be the last player on the course in a rainstorm.
      • NOTE: If LIGHTNING occurs, leave the course IMMEDIATELY!!
  7. Disqualification - What will get you kicked off the course, or will get you
    at least a strong reprimand:
    1. Throwing balls - don't even think about it!
    2. Hitting anything except the ball with your mallet!
    3. Juggling your mallet!
    4. Cheating! (Including, but not limited to.)
      1. Moving your ball
      2. Moving another's ball
    5. Rude behavior


Copyright 2001 Wayne Clements