Dragon Warrior Map

The map is in four pieces, you will pick a quadrant to start.
Each quadrant has two black bordered edges.
The black edges are the boundries of the map.
Click on the unbordered edges to go to the other
quadrant maps in those directions.
Coordinants are from the TL corner of the square the object is in.

You can use the small map in the corner of the Top Left
Quadrant to go to any other quadrant.
The Quadrants and World Center Island open in a new window.
Clicks inside any of the quadrants and World Center Island,
will open new windows.

Click on a town, and it will show it's interior.
Click on stairs, and you will go up or down to the next level.
Click on signs to see what they say.
Sometimes you can jump off.
Sometimes you can click on people.
Click on doors you can't see behind to see what is inside.
Click on the edge of towns, and doorways to leave.

As you go, you will open windows, most will close as you go.
The ones that don't will close if you backtrack.

If you click and nothing happens,
you probably already have that window open.
Go to your Start Bar and check to see.
Close any extra windows, and try again.

TL  -  TR  -  BL  -  BR

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Copyright 2003 Wayne Clements